About Us

Why Choose Masser Technologies?

Since its inception, Masser Technologies has conducted business aligned with its Mission and Core Values.

Also, Masser Technologies recognizes the value in strategic parternships to bring the best solutions and practices to its customers.

Our Team

Hermann Masser

President / CEO

Hermann founded Masser Technologies nearly 20 years ago to pursue his passion for technology and empowering customers’ business growth. In 2008 he transformed MT into an MSP and subsequently into Cyber Security services (MSSP). Also in 2019, Hermann launched the company’s Federal government practice with a cyber security focus.

Roger Curtis

Director of Compliance & BD

Roger has over 17 years of IT experience, 10 with Masser Technologies focused on supporting commercial MSP and MSSP customers. Additionally, he has considerable experience auditing customers’ security and industry-standard compliance framework posture.

Andrew Hair

Business Development & Capture Manager

Andrew brings nearly 40 years of business development, IT project management, proposal development/writing, and classified project analysis experience to the Team, both as an Army officer and contractor. He has worked for or supported customers at every level of government, from federal to local municipalities.

Scott Hamilton

Operations Manager

Scott has been with the Masser Technologies team for over 5 years. He is a proven leader of our managed security services team who ensures the completion of all projects on time, within budget, and with attention to customer satisfaction.

Vision Statement

Masser Technologies’ vision is to provide a highly reliable and effective technical support solution that relies on integrity and honor. Our customers are our biggest assets and they are the backbone of our company. Our goal is to become their most trusted advisor and to know that we seek and nurture a long-term relationship with our customers. We operate on a very simple principle: “If we can’t earn your trust, then we can’t have your business”.

Our mission is to liberate our customers from the worries and concerns that come with their IT eco-systems, empowering them to grow their businesses.

Masser Technologies is not the perfect fit for all companies, and at the same time, not all businesses are the best fit for Masser Technologies. We thrive with customers that allow us to take ownership of their IT responsibilities to empower their business, which gives us the opportunity to take control of the end result.


Core Values

We operate our company under four established principles.


We build strong relationships by communicating truthfully & honestly to seek a cordial unity with our customers, employees & suppliers.


We enjoy taking ownership of the IT responsibilities, & taking control over the end result.


We enjoy providing solutions that meet our customer's needs based on simplicity & efficiency.


We solve quickly & efficiently whatever issues arise to reduce stress & stay calm.


Masser Technologies’ partners with best-in-class and up-and-coming security companies to make security easy to manage

Since its creation, Masser Technologies recognized the importance of aligning with industry leaders and established strategic partnerships with worldwide companies in an effort to provide reliable and proven technologies to our customers.