Domain Name System (DNS) filtering acts like the Internet’s phone book and makes finding information through its domain name possible by converting domain names into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. DNS filtering is a technique to block access to malicious websites, prevent phishing attacks, and improve network security. By filtering the DNS queries originating from a network, organizations can help ensure that their users are not accessing websites that could harm their devices or allow bad actors to steal sensitive information. There are several benefits to using DNS filtering, some of which are discussed below. 


First, DNS filtering helps improve an organization’s overall security posture. By blocking access to known malicious websites, organizations can prevent users from inadvertently downloading malware or visiting phishing websites. This not only protects the individual user but also helps to prevent malware from spreading across the network. 


Second, DNS filtering can help organizations comply with industry regulations and data protection laws. Many regulations require organizations to have appropriate security measures to protect sensitive data, and DNS filtering can be a part of this. By blocking access to websites known to be malicious or unsecured, organizations can demonstrate that they are taking appropriate measures to protect their data. 


Third, DNS filtering can improve network performance by reducing unwanted traffic. By filtering out DNS queries for known malicious websites, organizations can reduce the amount of data that needs to be processed by their network infrastructure. This can help to improve network performance, particularly in environments where bandwidth is limited. 


Finally, DNS filtering can help organizations prevent data exfiltration. Many malicious websites are designed to steal sensitive data from users, and by blocking access to these websites, organizations can prevent data from leaving their networks. This is particularly important in industries such as healthcare and finance, where sensitive data is often targeted by cybercriminals. 


DNS filtering is an important technique to help organizations improve their overall security posture, comply with industry regulations, improve network performance, and prevent data exfiltration. By filtering out DNS queries for known malicious websites, organizations can protect their users and data from various cyber threats. At Masser Technologies we specialized in DNS filtering as a Managed (Cyber) Security Services Provider or MSSP.  Reach out to Masser Technologies to see how adding DNS filtering and other cybersecurity services can improve the security posture of your business today! 

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