Offsite Backups

Tape backups is now an archaic technology. Tapes are not only expensive, unreliable and slow, but they also tend to extend backup and restore times. With the proliferation of high speed internet access, comes the ability to abandon tape backups to move to Offsite Backups: a faster, more reliable technology. Most businesses that rely on tape backups leave the tapes “on top of the server” everyday, which presents a big problem in case of a fire or theft, as not only the server and its data could be destroyed, but also their tape backups are often destroyed in the same disaster.

Masser Technologies offers offsite backup services to overcome all limitations imposed by tape backups. Relying on industry best practices, and through partnerships with companies offering leading technologies for Offsite backups and data management, Masser Technologies is able to offer a complete Offsite Backup service in which Masser Technologies assumes all responsibility for all backup and restore operations, as well as ensuring that in case of a disaster, all data will be recovered and business operations could resume.

Masser Technologies offers several levels and services to best fit the needs of every business, from a simple remote backup process to the implementation of a business class Network Attached Storage (NAS) that will automatically replicate all data to Masser Technologies secure data center location.

Because every business and their data is different, Masser Technologies will customize a solutions for your needs rather than try to make your company fit in a pre-determined offsite backup service.