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Keeping track of all your passwords can be very daunting if you follow good password practices and don’t use the same password for all your systems. Expanding from our last post, choosing complex and unique passwords for all your systems pose a serious password management challenge that password managers can easily overcome.

A Password Manager application will safely store all your passwords in a password vault in the cloud, enabling you to safely access them while only needing to remember a single master password. Many Password Managers in the market will automatically suggest complex passwords that will be impossible to memorize and hard to crack. Moreover, the manager app will conveniently remember and auto-fill those monster passwords for you.

Solutions like LastPass, 1Password, or Dashlane will offer the convenience and security of using very complex passwords without worrying about memorizing them. Automatic-fill functions will speed up and secure accessing systems and websites. Most of the leading Password Managers will also include a mobile app to access your passwords on the go.

Password Managers provide top-notch security by allowing you to use highly complex passwords with the simplicity and convenience of password auto-filling while all you have to do is remember your master vault password.

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