Security Awareness Training

In every organization, the most important assets are its people. Unfortunately, people are also the most vulnerables target of Cyber Attacks.  This is why an organization’s good cyber hygiene needs to include Security Awareness Training.

Gone are the days of only worrying about protecting your organization with a firewall. Today, most cyber attacks revolve around people because they are the least risky and most productive targets.

Preparing your employees to identify and avoid cyber attacks is just as important as deploying software and hardware to protect your organization.

Security Awareness Training has become an essential tool to fight cybercrime. If your employees are continuously trained and tested on cyber security risks, they will be better prepared to respond to email messages or website prompts urging them to “click here.”

Estimates indicate that human error accounts for approximately 95% of all breaches, and 91% of attacks launch with phishing emails.

Training your employees and testing their knowledge on a continuous basis is paramount to protecting your organization. These training efforts can also assist you in identifying who your employees are most vulnerable to falling for these tricks with and allow you to focus their training to minimize your risk.

Security Awareness Training must be short, concise, completed in less than 10 to 15 minutes per training module, provide enough training to cover the security gaps without overwhelming the employees with endless training modules, and provide instant feedback. Coupled with anti-phishing campaigns to test their knowledge without causing actual harm, it is the best tool to get your employees to become a very effective first line of defense against attacks.

Masser Technologies can help you deploy and manage a successful ongoing security awareness training campaign to fill that gap between humans and technology and reduce risk.

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