Managed Service Provider

In 2008, Masser Technologies began transitioning to a Managed Services Provider or MSP, moving away from the industry standard “Time and Materials” or “T&M” model. Before the transition, Masser Technologies could only provide the customer with reactive, not proactive assistance. Additionally, when it was time to conduct preventive network maintenance, our customers were understandably concerned with “how long would it take,” which often translated into additional IT expenses. 

Masser Technologies recognized that becoming an MSP would be a winning solution. Depending on the organization, managed services can offer an effective alternative to the challenges of in-house endpoint management, network operations, security monitoring and remediation, patching and software updates, database administration, servers, storage, and applications management. 

By charging customers a flat fee per device per month regardless of the amount of support required, Masser Technologies can now provide proactive maintenance and 24×7 monitoring. Moreover, we can manage (usually remotely) all systems to increase reliability and respond proactively to pending issues before they arise. You can read more about our cybersecurity-focused MSP offerings under the MSSP Program section of our website. 

As part of our MSP evolution, in 2019, Masser Technologies anticipated the need for a more security-focused customer offering to address the reality that employees are typically the weakest link in the network security chain. To help mitigate this risk and improve our customers’ security posture, we added several new security services and reoriented our operation into a managed security provider.

Managed Service Provider Offerings

  • Employee security awareness training 
  • Simulated phishing campaigns 
  • Dark web monitoring 
  • Multifactor authentication (MFA) 
  • 24×7 security monitoring (SOC)
  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR)
  • Zero trust / Application whitelisting
  • Microsoft 365 / Cloud SaaS backups
  • Compliance and Cybersecurity Insurance auditing
  • Security review and consultation