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5 Types of Phishing Attacks

5 Types of Phishing Attack Techniques   Phishing attacks are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s online world. They can be a severe threat to individuals and businesses alike, as they aim to steal sensitive information such as login credentials, financial data, and personal information. These attacks use social engineering techniques to trick people into

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Cyber Hygiene 101

Cyber Hygiene 101 Keeping your online presence secure and healthy is crucial, especially in the workplace. Neglecting proper cyber hygiene practices can lead to data breaches, malware infections, and other online security threats that can compromise confidential information. But don’t worry; here at Masser Technologies, we have compiled six must-have practices for maintaining an excellent

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Methodology and Importance of Vulnerability Assessments

The Methodology and Importance of Vulnerability Assessments Vulnerability assessments are an essential process that helps organizations identify and address potential weaknesses in their systems, networks, and applications. It is a systematic approach to evaluating a company’s security posture and detecting vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit. This article will explore the methodology, different types, and importance

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